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Export PDF with handouts in OpenOffice.org Impress, Linux

I need to print an OpenOffice.org Impress presentations as PDF with handouts - 3 slides per page in the left column and empty rows for taking notes on the right. 

The File -> Export to PDF option doesn't allow chaining more than 1 slide to a page. On the other hand, printing allows dividing a page to a few handouts, but no PDF export could be done. The only option in-between is priting as file to a .PS format which is still a file, but not that portable and popular (and flexible) as PDF.

So, we need to create a virtual printer.

  1. Install cups-pdf - it's freely available in all repos for Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora etc.
  2. Add a default printer for cups-pdf (it got installed automatically here)
  3. Open the Impress presentation
  4. Go to File -> Print
  5. Select the Print Content -> Handouts (with 3 or 6 for a page) and then find your new virtual printer.
  6. PDF is exported (hint: by default is sent to the desktop).
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