Python, SVN and Android


Three things with not much in common, except that these are the three interesting things around me these days.

For the last 2 weeks I do python development (actually Django) for an international project while I'm ending my CakePHP and Digital Signer applications. I set up Subclipse in my Eclipse because I got tired of committing twice some of my files. This way my SVN is connected to the project in the IDE and the new data is deployed in an easy and beautiful way without any console commits.

The Django projects are fine as well. I do researches over the multilingual applications. So far I found url-locale and multilingual modules which serve to detect the language via the URL and create a multilingual content while create the intermediate tables for that. I continue researching the session system in order to save the languages there where switching around.

As for the Android, I plan to do my first app for almost a year. Recently I had a few job proposals for Android development plus the Mtel contest for Android app. That's why I downloaded the SDK and the Android plugin and started from the Hello World tutorial online. More researches are done and I am willing to test a more complex application with Internet activity, of course.

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