Optika Zornica – google ranking improvement

оптика Зорница

2 months ago I deployed a client project online - Оптика Зорница, for optic services, sunglasses, health consultations etc. It started with no budget for advertisements and I had to do at least basic ranking. What I did was the standard procedure:

  • Chose an appropriate domain name
  • Define title/keywords/descriptions
  • Write valid XHTML/CSS
  • Link it from my personal projects
  • Submit the URL in public search engines and social networks
  • Create a blog and publish information about new products, health advices and other useful data
  • Simulate dynamic activity via rss feeds in the basic site
  • Create Facebook fanpage of the website

I have a couple of other things to do, but I prefer doing them step by step - in order to keep regular activity and watch the continuous improvement. Currently I keep the first 2 places for the Optics name (it already existed in many ranked catalogs) and present on second page on "Оптика" search in Google. Google page rank - 2. Target is first page and blog popularity.

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