Django debugging (presentation)

 I found a great presentation on Django debugging from Simon Willison.

It's a presentation on "Django 101 in troubleshooting". You could find information how to address any errors from the error pages that django throws away, how to follow stack traces and how to debug information in variety of ways.

Simon pays attention to the basic and the core of all debugging tools - the console. Every single output pass through the console itself so it is the mother of all outputs. Other popular options is the python debugger under the pdb package. 

I personally do like django-debug-toolbar for my apps. It is quite useful for taking care of the HTTP requests and response, passed variables across the website and so on. You could check the number of SQL queries and the load time of your website. Another important feature is printing the list of all templates used for rendering a web page. You could check the settings list for the current page load as well as the signals being called at the moment.

More on the django-debug-toolbar - Rob speaks here.

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